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'cause it's true
that’s what i like about you

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11. are you a social or an antisocial person? - depends how I feel, social in the sense that I know/talk to many people but I also need to be/content in my own little bubble at times
44. what’s the best part about school? - is it cliché to say art class and friends? (probably)
99. have you ever kissed someone older than you? - never kissed anyone, period


Märta Thisner


Märta Thisner


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Anonymous asks: 7, 15, 59, 62

7. what exactly are you wearing right now? - shorts, knee highs and a tshirt ??? (odd combination)
15. do you care if people talk badly about you? - of course it would hurt but I’d probably get used to it. I would hope no one’s talking badly about me, but you never know
59. has anyone of your friends ever seen you cry? - I don’t think so, no
62. is there something that happened in your past that you hate talking about? - there are things I’d rather not talk about, but nothing I would not be able to talk about

Too often, the only escape is sleep.
—Charles Bukowski (via shaitea)

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